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      I shouldn’t be here right now. My life could have never been. There are 70 trillion genetic combinations to make human beings. Our chromosomes could have aligned to make the best human being: a person who has the strength of Lance Armstrong, the cunning of Albert Einstein, and the kindness of Mother Teresa all in one. But that didn‘t happen. Billions of chromosome combinations for a human being were possible, and I was born. I am not a superhuman being, but I do intend on making my life extraordinary.

      I have every resource to make my life extraordinary. I know this because I am growing up in America, the land of opportunity. The land where anything is possible, as long as you work for it. My father came to America from Ghana with only a pair of pants, two shirts, and $100 in his pocket. Today, he is an engineer. He always expressed to me the value of education, and I remember the long car rides home from school when he would stress to me: “Brianna, hard work, hard work always pays off.”

      In my school, I am often the only black face in a classroom; but I do not let this bother me. In the classroom, regardless of race, gender, or interests, knowledge is the great equalizer. I know that the knowledge I gain is not only for myself, but for every child in Ghana. Some nights I stay up and think how my life would be the same as theirs if I hadn’t been lucky enough to have parents that came to America. Since I am here, in America, I will make the most out of every opportunity. I will learn so that I can pass on the gift of learning. Every extra hour I study, every time I sacrifice going out with friends, every night I stay up late, I tell myself that it will all pay off for a greater cause.

      Last summer I was given an extraordinary educational opportunity when I participated in the Minority Introduction to Engineering and Sciences (MITES). MITES is a six-week summer program at MIT that immersed me in an academic world I had never known. I was surrounded by some of the top students in the nation in an environment that pushed me to learn and see the world in ways I had never envisioned. That level of academia is something I love.

      During MITES I had the opportunity to take a genomic elective at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. On one of my last days there, I was standing in front of the Broad, and I looked up and realized it was here that I felt most alive. To know that I was about to enter a building that had so much potential to discover anything gave me a feeling of excitement and happiness I have never felt about anything else. It made me certain that I want to be a medical researcher.

      In the lab, I was able to see for myself the capabilities of genomic research.The most fascinating and exciting part of all this was that it may soon be possible to tell exactly why someone is sick just by looking at their microbiome. This breakthrough would have enormously positive ramifications in Ghana and other parts of Africa.

      My dream is to continue this research. The Broad is currently working on research in conjunction with Harvard that delves into areas that I envision great strides being made in. I want to contribute my knowledge and passion into these extraordinary strides.

      Human genetics could have aligned to make a perfect human being, but they did not. They made me as I am now. I am aware that even though I may be flawed, I have been given this one precious life. At the end of my life I want to be able to honestly say that I used all the potential I was given; there is nothing left. Never before has there been so much technology, opportunity, and ability to make the absolute most out of a human life. And not only to improve one‘s own situation, but also the lives of others. I know that I would not have the opportunities granted to me if other people before me had not worked and innovated. I feel that it is my turn to innovate, to improve the lives of mankind for generations long after I am gone. To follow my passion and make my life absolutely extraordinary.


      Brianna’s essay does an excellent job of mixing together her own personal self- reflection on her values and mentality as well as anecdotes from her life that help to provide a clearer picture of her personality. While many applicants might choose to discuss one compelling idea through the lens of a single story, Brianna chooses to discuss her idea—namely, that she refuses to allow herself to stand in her own way—through multiple stories that all contribute to a larger narrative. Each paragraph stands alone as insight into Brianna’s character as a motivated and determined person, but they weave together well. This sort of approach can sometimes be a bit risky: by telling too many different stories, an applicant runs the risk of not providing enough depth in each, but in general, this essay does a good job of remaining cohesive while still highlighting a variety of key stories that this applicant has to tell.

      把她自己对她的价值观和心态的自我反思和她生活中的奇闻轶事结合在一起,帮助提供一个更清晰的她的个性的画面。当许多申请者选择通过一个故事的镜头来讨论一个令人信服的想法时,布里安娜选择讨论她的想法——也就是说,她拒绝让自己站在自己的道路上——通过多个故事,所有的故事都有助于一个更大的叙述。每一段都是独立的,都是对布里安娜作为一个积极和有决心的人的性格的洞察,但它们交织在一起很好。这种方法有时会有点风险: 通过讲述不同的故事太多,申请人可能没有提供足够的深度,但总的来说,这篇文章很好地保持凝聚力。

法律专业Personal Statement代写范文

  In August 2000,I spent 7 most special andmemorable days in my life.Through a very stringent screening test,Idistinguished myself from the rest several hundred outstanding students fromUniversities of Beijing who had won“Top Scholarship”and became one of the 14most outstanding students to embark on a 7-day visit to Australia.InAustralia,we met with students from major universities,had exchanges withthem,and also visited leading Australia enterprises.This exchange program,brief as it was,allowed me to experience Japanese culture and traditions.Theexperience has proved defining—for me,this very first experience of settingstep on a foreign country enabled me to significantly broaden my horizon and toacquire totally new perspectives.I realized that I have far more excitingthings to learn in countries other than my own.

      At this very moment,as a Master’s studentmajoring in international economic law on the verge of completing my program,Ihave felt the need,more urgently than ever,to pursue an advanced LLM programto receive a typically western legal education and rigorous trainings that mayequip me with an international perspective.The legal system of a country isclosely related to its political,social and cultural traditions and to itsoverall economic situation.In particular,International Economic Law that Istudy is a new discipline that is designed to regulate international economicrelations;it involves international public law,international private law andthe civil and business laws of different countries.It is my conviction thatthe best way to learn this subject well is by plunging myself into the majorcountries in the world to experience and to know their specific legal systems.

      While boasting a most developed economy,the United States is also reputed for its most advanced teaching and research,and its legal system is also most well-developed in the world.Those factorsmotivate me to apply for a Master’s program in International Economic Law(International Trade Law)from your esteemed university.I firmly believe thatmy strong interest in this subject,my solid and comprehensive knowledge ofknow,and my important potential to perform academic research will facilitatemy successful completion of my proposed program.

      I have the confidence that my past academicexperience can make me a competitive for your program.The reason for myconfidence is based on the fact that I have received the best legal educationthat a Chinese student can expect in his/her own country—an undergraduateprogram in the Law School of Tsinghua University and a Master’s program in theLaw School of Peking University.Whereas an elitist Chinese student belongs toeither Peking University or Tsinghua University,I have been nurtured by bothof them.What makes me especially proud is that my educational experience isnot confined simply to China.Apart from my brief tour of Australia,I havealso attended a one-month joint program in Korea.

      My undergraduate program at TsinghuaUniversity permitted me to systematically learn all the basic courses of law,and expose me to major categories of individual laws.I was most interested insuch laws as civil law,contract law,international economic law and maritimebusiness law.My receiving of a spate of accolades and scholarships is anindication of my academic excellence.

      For my Master’s program at Peking LawSchool,I chose International Economic Law as the area of my specialization.Todeepen my study,I read most of the classical works on the subject and myvoluminous reading encompassed International Trade Law by Clive Schmitthoff andInternational Finance by Hal S.Scott&Philop A.Wellons.An importantextracurricular experience is our Law School’s Moot Court Contest at which myteam members and I won the first prize through close collaboration andteamwork.

      In 2002,my academic performance qualifiedme as one of the four students from the entire mainland to go to Korea to attenda course program.For one month,together with law students from all of theworld,I studied three important courses Introduction to American law,International Financial Law,and WTO and China,all delivered by Americanprofessors.I not only achieved high scores for those three courses but alsoadapted to the American-styled education under an all-English environment.Thisexperience will pave the way for me to receive more extensive Americaneducation in my LLM program.

      As law is more an applied rather thantheoretical subject,I have made conscious efforts to undertake internships atlocal law firms during summer and winter vacations.This summer I worked atBeijing Arbitration Committee where I was exposed to a number of internationaleconomic and trade disputes.In coping with those specific cases,I applied myknowledge on one hand and,on the other hand,I developed a more direct andpractical understanding of the laws in international economy and trade,as wellas relevant international conventions,that I had learned in class.

      With the rapid scientific and technologicaladvances,social progress and media proliferation,the economies of variouscountries in the world are becoming increasingly interdependent,and economicglobalization has become a tendency that no one can reverse.With China’saccession into the WTO,China has established close and broad economicrelationships with all the WTO members of the world and China’s trade volumeswith its major trade partners have increased on an unprecedented scale.ForChina,international economic activities will occur within a single unifiedframework from now on.My objective is to grasp in-depth knowledge ininternational economy and trade,and especially the knowledge of the laws andregulations in those two fields in the world’s major economic forces like theUnited States and European Union.With such an education,I will bewell-equipped to play an important role in facilitating the economic exchangesbetween China and the rest of the world.Your esteemed university is known forits leading position in the teaching and research of international economic(trade)law.Your strong faculty and advanced pedagogical resources makes youruniversity my ideal choice.

      It is my hope that my systematic educationat your university will give me the necessary foundation for a rewarding careerin international economic(trade)law.In this age of increasing economic(trade)conflicts,my professional knowledge and training will help to ease thetension and promote the healthy development of economic ties between China andthe rest of the world.I believe this will be the most important use to which I can apply my education.

Pharmacy Essay代写|Pharmacy专业留学申请PS范文赏析

本文是一篇研究生药剂学留学申请的personal station范文供大家赏析学习。

I have always had a great interest in Science and Mathematics because of the impacts that both of these have on our daily lives. I have become fascinated by Pharmacy as a career because it brings together Chemistry and Maths and directly effects on the lives of people in the community. Pharmacists are now more actively involved with the patients and have become more accessible to the community and I am looking forward to the challenge of career that involves life long learning. I have learnt valuable skills in the subjects I have taken which will be beneficial to a career in Pharmacy.

In Chemistry, I have learnt an important skill in producing written and illustrated results from experiments. From this I am able to evaluate and modify these results. I enjoy the application of logical scientific thinking and knowledge of natural laws to analyse and solve problems occurring in Pharmacy. The practical side of Chemistry involving laboratory work was my main interest in this subject and would like to continue this work in helping others.

As a Pharmacist, you do require some skills in maths. With a knowledge of Mathematics I can analyse and solve problems and gained the skill of producing written and illustrated results for a mathematical problem. With Maths, I am able to calculate the accurate dosage of the drug which is required for the patient in relation to hospital pharmacy.

I can bring skills from Computing that can directly relate to a career in Pharmacy. A main skill developed is producing an analysis of a problem that can help in research work. Coursework in computing has enabled me to tackle complex subjects such as building a system via computer programming, I am confident this will be useful in a pharmacy degree.

I have pursued many activities that have given me experience in this field of study. I have encountered independent voluntary work for local Pharmacy branch located in Stretford. From this, I have learnt the insight of being a Community Pharmacist and dealing with prescriptions, which will prove valuable in the future.

I have advanced in my communication skills from part-time employment at Sport World International at Trafford Park. This has given me the opportunity to use my initiative and enabled me to interact with various kinds of situations with different people such as dealing with the consumer’s problems. This has helped me gain responsibility, which I know will be required in the career of Pharmacy.

With my studies aside, I have a passion for cricket and football. My favourite pastimes involves playing cricket and listening to music of all genres. My ongoing hobbies include squash, snooker, gym and travelling when and wherever possible. I enjoy going to the gym which help improves my self-esteem and motivates me in doing my work. Believing in yourself can help to establish your thoughts in a confident way.

At University, I would like to contribute to university life, as this will be a new experience and I will look forward to meeting new people. I am a reliable, determined and enthusiastic person who will relish the opportunity to study pharmacy if I am given the opportunity.

Based on chest X-ray, chest CT imaging changes, select the pus, lowest line the chest cavity closed drainage, drainage of pus, fully in 2 days to select the vomica highest line using the big diameter drainage tube closed thoracic drainage, pyothorax choose all costal collarbone midline between 2 for drainage, wrap pyothorax do colour to exceed to locate locate drainage mouth.Pipe diameter can be appropriately in low drainage tube, in order to reduce patient discomfort, determine after drainage tube patency (good water fluctuation or have pus drawn) since the slowly injected into a lavage (500 ml saline gentamycin + 160000 U [1] or 0.5% iodine v brine 500 ml [2]) see below tube with purulent fluid flow after closing, pay attention to during the process of injection patients with or without chest tightness, shortness of breath, dizziness and discomfort.And instructed the cough phlegm, take a deep breath and blow the balloon to promote lung after zhang, finished injection keep open drainage after 30 minutes, then from the pipe reverse lavage, perfusion tube drainage opening, when finished injection to keep open drainage of pipe after 30 minutes.Such as pus or more viscous fibrinoid substance derivation can join chymotrypsin protein (2.5 g/L) decomposition, dissolve the pus and necrotic tissue [3].At the same time, strengthen the body nutrition support treatment, choose sensitive antibiotic anti-infection treatment.Tuberculous pyothorax with isoniazid, rifampicin, pyrazinamide and ethambutol quadruple anti-tuberculosis treatment, the whole body poisoning symptoms are combined with levofloxacin intravenous drip anti-tuberculosis treatment (usually 10-15 days).Patients generally improved postscript bed as much as possible, actively cough phlegm and blow the balloon after lung, deep breathing exercise lung function.Low negative pressure drainage not free when available to attract continuous negative pressure drainage, negative pressure of 4.9 kPa or less [4], after waiting for lavage tube on no pus out or has not smooth when pulling on the tube, check again the chest CT, pulmonary after zhang, pus cavity disappeared, no fluid residue after pulling down the tube.

Serious pleura pyothorax is the clinical common infectious disease, a variety of reasons can make the bacteria into the pleural cavity causing pleural congestion, edema and exudation.Pyothorax pathologically classified into acute exudation phase (phase I), subacute fiber maturation period (Ⅱ period), chronic fiber abscess (Ⅲ period).I, Ⅱ period for acute pyothorax, Ⅲ period for chronic pyothorax [A], our group are in phase I, Ⅱ cases.Pyothorax therapeutic principles including infection control, eliminate pus, systemic support three aspects of the treatment.Eliminate pus, eliminate pus cavity is the key to the treatment of acute pyothorax, due to the fast pyothorax acute phase formation of fibrous tissue separated pus cavity, causing a lot of room to drainage is difficult, if not treated or treatment is not easily extensive adhesion thoroughly, packages for the development of chronic pyothorax, need to open thoracic fiberboard stripped, serious or even line thoracoplasty.[B] surgical trauma, restore slower, so in the treatment of acute stage to be positive and effective measures to avoid turning into chronic pyothorax.

Pleural lavage can dissolve the pus and necrotic tissue, make the pus thin and relieve inflammation of the pleura and directly kill pathogenic bacteria, seepage, prompted pus timely and fully out of the body, relieve symptoms of infection, may, when necessary, the tube of low negative pressure drainage, so that it can reduce the fiber pus moss, promote the pus cavity closure, avoid lung surface fiber layer to the development of chronic pyothorax.1 cases for tips on chest CT colour to exceed the chest broad space, no obvious pus out after the single tube drainage, adopts the thoracoscope [5] to remove pus cavity fiber separation zone of any traffic drainage, pleural lavage, treatment effect is good.The author thinks traffic sex drainage of pleural cavity lavage in the treatment of acute pyothorax, when necessary, supplemented by thoracoscope minimally invasive surgery and the low negative pressure drainage is a good way to treatment of acute pyothorax.Can shorten the drainage time, length of hospital stay, easing the burden on patients, reduce patient pain, effectively prevent acute pyothorax to develop chronic pyothorax, worthy of promotion.

Grassroots health institutions accounting concentration accounting of the advantages and disadvantages, after the implementation of centralized accounting of basic medical and health institutions by the independent accounting business in grassroots medical institutions outside the accounting centralized accounting center, in accordance with the "centralized accounting, the standard management, unified account, household settlement" the principle of centralized accounting, the accounting center for supervision and grassroots medical institutions of various financial revenues and expenditures.Centralized accounting can objectively reflect the accounting transactions of grassroots medical institutions, to help grassroots health institutions to establish and perfect the system of property management, make the accounting business more professional.But there also exist the following problems need to solve: although external financial supervision strengthened, but internal check mechanism, financial conditions close to the surface is narrow, the financial expenditure is not transparent.When there is a false accounting information or omission of accounting matters, accounting responsibility between center and accounting units is not clear.

Strengthening budget mechanism and implement the responsibility.Government of grassroots medical institutions "approved verification tasks, balance of payments, comprehensive balance senders" budget management approach.Budget and financial management responsibility layers of requirements will be implemented to all departments, and through the linkage between the accounting and budget, implementation to strengthen financial supervision and accounting supervision, strengthen grass-roots medical institutions internal management, to ensure that the fund special fund is special, give full play to the purpose of efficient use of funds.

Reasonable division of revenues and expenditures, reflect positioning function.Clear the grassroots health institutions income by medical income, income of financial aid, and the higher subsidies income and other income, clearly reflected in the accounting process of subsidy funds flow into the channel.According to basic medical and health institutions to provide basic public health services function localization, set up under the "health care expenditure" course "public health expenditure" secondary course, at the same time, reflects the government for capital construction and equipment purchase budget compensation mechanism, will the government take the basic construction and equipment purchase of spending to "financial infrastructure equipment spending" course reflect separately.

Specification of asset management, guard against financial risks.According to the requirements of the grassroots health institutions budget management and compensation mechanism, and does not require to cost accounting of accrual basis, without plan carry depreciation of fixed assets or extract repair fund.Rational division and calculation of various kinds of balance of payments, to prevent unreasonable medical expenses increased, control the financial risk, and maintain the public welfare of public medical and health care.

In combination with implementing performance salary, establish reward fund, the establishment of incentive mechanism.At the grassroots medical institutions special fund set up incentive funds and provisions of the balance of payments in budget management mode of medical and health institutions at the grassroots level to the end of the taxable year after task completion performance appraisal be qualified, can be extracted according to the certain proportion of business income and expenses balances reward fund, the grassroots health institutions in combination with the implementation of the performance salary for staff performance appraisal reward, to improve the incentive constraints mechanism, fully arouse the enthusiasm of grassroots medical institutions of medical personnel, prompting them to better participate in health service and working.

出色的Research Essay sample

下面是百盛娱乐APP 教育为大家整理的一篇优秀Research Essay范文-关于商业更好的思考方法以供大家参考学习。

A Better Way to Think About Business Ethics: How Personal Integrity Leads to Corporate Success by Robert C. Solomon presents an argument for a better way to think about business by the extensive application of Myths and metaphors in the best way possible. This piece of work by Solomon has been lauded in the business field as one the best in the analysis of the role of ethical practice in the success of an organization. Solomon intricately employs the combination of myths and metaphor within business to produce one the best works on the critical analysis of ethics.

In this powerful work, Solomon introduces myths and metaphor by illustrating the role of these two figurative languages in various fields of study such as physics, law and politics. The five myths and metaphors that have been extensively used by Solomon in this work include the metaphor of Mayhem, Vision and Civility, Better Fear than Love, the myth of Entrepreneur, the myth of Profit Motive and the Language of Dehumanization (Solomon, 1999). Through marketing, Solomon has explored these metaphors in the demonstration of deep understanding of ethical perspectives in the murky world of business. In the Language of Dehumanization, the author insists that that achieve meaning and identity, the critical factor is to separate money from the core business and eliminate it as a consideration. The language of dehumanization defines a list of issues that have been operative in business but have been eclipsed by the human desire to make money.  Solomon sympathizes with individuals who cannot see the critical point of working except for the reason to make money. The point is that all the activities they are involved in their entire work life are then useless and meaningless.

The sad truth which is at the same time a fact on how not to think about business is that the image of materialistic selfishness eclipses the many positive virtues in business and business people. These positive virtues include their pride in products and services, there relationships with their co workers and customers and their dedication to their work (Solomon, 2010). The Language of Dehumanization in business one metaphor on how not to think about business in that whole process as described by Solomon is “art of the deal” is what is celebrated, as opposed to the efforts in the production and distribution of quality products which at times ate lifesaving (Solomon, 1999). The all talk about money in business is dehumanizing. Whereas Solomon insists that business is an exemplary activity that encompasses mutual and genuine needs, desires and demands, the whole talk about money leaves out the critical components of personal attachments and obligations. This then gives great attention to our financial dealings that form the pillars of our lives. The danger of dehumanizing business is that we fall into a trap of dehumanizing policies, strategies and institutions in business.

The second Metaphor, Better Fear than Love describes the rough world of business environment that demands more than resilience. Solomon describes the whole world as unfair, rough, under which only the ruthless can have the tenacity to survive. In describing as a brilliant consultant, there is the caution that people would do best with what they want to hear and can practically put to good use. The Machiavellian ideologies were later replaced by Aristotle conception of Honorable statesman that melded ethics and politics (Benjamin, 2007 and Burnes, 2009). Solomon therefore explores the metaphor better fear than love and relates it to the corrupt Italian empire at the time of great development and expansion by other European nations. In this respect, Solomon intones a better way to think about business must encompass ore fear than love in business field.

The myth of Entrepreneur is projected by Solomon as virtues that are critical to the success in business. Within this Myth, Solomon maintains that ethics is paramount for long term business survival and success of an individual. One of the reasons is that ethics of character requires so much defense and explanation in entrepreneurship in the modern days and in the words of Solomon seem to be of great concern and constitutes traits considered as critical virtues or vices in business. In the analysis of this metaphor, Roth (2003)intones that “in keeping with his conviction that virtue and profit must thrive together, Solomon both examines the ways in which deficient values actually destroy businesses, and debunks the pervasive myths that encourage unethical business practices.” Solomon therefore projects the point that an entrepreneurial mindset refers to aspire and devise the organizational setup by introducing a ground-breaking business approach as a trademark in the market.

In philosophical business sense existentialism, axiology, pragmatism, and ethics are the key magnets that influence the nurture of entity’s persona and establish the organizational behavioral and management structure (McNamara, 2008 and Koter, 1996). However, in today’s ingenious and methodical business era the achievement of standard business environment and market standing is not only hard, but in some cases impossible for an un-resourceful business approach. Therefore, the entrepreneurial psychology refers to the psychological study of the current business practice its implementation and making the business according to the most appropriate business concepts and current business practices and ethics (DuBrin, 2004). A better way to think about business ethics is to underline the myth of the entrepreneurial.

Solomon insists that the myth of Profit Motive has remained the major driving engines of all business. To achieve a perfect balance between the Myth of Profit Motive and think better about business, a business man must embrace the catalogue of business virtues.  For the Myth of Profit Motive, it is paramount that a businessman understands the discipline of business psychology which provides valuable knowledge and insights that assist business managers in the understanding of people’s behavior in business. As projected by Solomon, such knowledge equips a business manager with relevant information in regard to human behavior when faced with challenges in business and management context. The psychological understanding of different personality traits has the capacity to affect the workplace because some differences can be perceived by other employees as negative and thus cause discomfort to others.  This would not only affect the spiritual culture of the organization but may also affect the primary collective responsibility and team work within the organization that would eventually weight down on the motive of profit (Benjamin, 2007).

Last, the metaphor of Mayhem, Vision and Civility is geared towards the understanding that business must have a vision; for the vision to be realized, business man must wade through the mayhem of business environment and arm himself with the ethical sense of civility. According to Solomon, Competition has gone global and the market and industry dynamics have necessitated the need for companies to make concerted efforts streamlined towards ensuring that high quality goods and services are offered in the market at competitive prices. This has resulted in the adoption and implementation of several tools and strategies geared towards the aforementioned goals attainment (Anderson & Anderson, 2001). One of the strategies that have been soundly embraced by a multitude of companies is the adoption of high ethical standards within the operational culture of most organizations that have lead to a paradigm shift towards best codes of conduct and ethics. The myth of Mayhem and civility has thus expounded on the rush to entrench ethical standards within the culture of business while at the same time manage the mayhem of the business environment.

Solomon presents a long list of virtues that are critical to the performance of business. The three most pivotal business virtues in my analysis of the work of Solomon include charisma, determination and ambition. I believe charisma forms a critical success virtue in business because a business leader must have the capacity to influence others in taking a positive view that supports his stand in business management. This is critical in the areas on dealing with change and change management that have been known to form part of parcel of daily management activities in business (Haberberg & Rieple, 2008). Solomon therefore presents charisma as a critical virtue and reinforces its importance by charisma has the capacity to enhance and solidify the relationships between the management and the employees.

Potavin (2006) describes a true leader as one who maintains an uncompromising adherence to an internalized, but otherwise generally accepted code of moral values; who adheres to utter sincerity, honesty, and candor in all communication; and who avoids deception, expediency, artificiality, or shallowness of any kind in all situations . In addition to the above, Potavin (2006) explains that a true leader must have vision, open to change, create other leaders, value the contributions of others and possess the element of integrity. A deep examination on the life and management leadership style and virtues presented by Solomon reveal that achieve the above status, the critical virtues of determination and ambition must form part of business culture.  This involves the recognition of contributions of various employees and takes the critical role of team work into consideration. In conclusion, both determination and ambition determines both specific and broad objectives of organization and has such must form part and parcel of organizational culture.



Essay 1:

Without our past, our future would be a tortuous path leading to nowhere. In order to move up the ladder of success and achievement we must come to terms with our past and integrate it into our future. Even if in the past we made mistakes, this will only make wiser people out of us and guide us to where we are supposed to be.

This past year, I was auditioning for the fall play, "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof." To my detriment I thought it would be a good idea to watch the movie in order to prepare. For two hours I studied Elizabeth Taylor's mannerisms, attitude, and diction, hoping I could mimic her performance. I auditioned for the part of "Maggie" feeling perfectly confident in my portrayal of Elizabeth Taylor, however, I was unaware that my director saw exactly what I had been thinking. Unfortunately, I didn't get the part, and my director told me that he needed to see "Maggie" from my perspective, not Elizabeth Taylor's.

I learned from this experience, and promised myself I would not try to imitate another actress, in order to create my character. Perservering, I was anxious to audition for the winter play just two months later. The play was Neil Simon's "Rumors," and would get the opportunity to play "Chris," a sarcastic yet witty role, which would be my final performance in high school. In order to develop my character, I planned out her life just as I thought it should be, gave her the voice I thought was right, and the rest of her character unfolded beautifully from there. My director told me after the first show that "Rumors" was the best work he'd ever seen from me, and that he was amazed at how I'd developed such a believable character. Thinking back to my first audition I was grateful for that chance I had to learn and to grow, because without that mistake I might have tried to base "Chris" off of someone I'd known or something I'd seen instead of becoming my own character. I utilized the memory of the Elizabeth Taylor debacle to improve my approach to acting and gave the best performance of my life so far.

Essay 2:

Memories act as both a help and a hinderance to the success of someone. Many people advise you to learn from the past and apply those memories so that you can effectively succeed by avoiding repeating your past mistakes. On the other hand, people who get too caught up with the past are unable to move on to the future.

Elie Wiesel's memoir Night perfectly exemplifies the double nature of memories. Wiesel, a Jewish man, suffered heavily throughout the Holocaust and Night is rife with horrific descriptions of his experience. These memories help to spread the view of what life was like. Through recounting these memories, Wiesel is able to educate world readers about the atrocities committed in hopes that the same blatant violations of human rights are never repeated again. Through reliving the Holocaust through his writing, Wiesel was inspired to become proactive in the battle for civil rights. Some would point to his peaceful actions and the sales of his book and label him a success.

Despite the importance of recounting such memories, Wiesel acknowledges the damage that memories can also cause. Following his liberation from the Auschwitz concentration camp, Wiesel was a bitter, jaded man. He could not even write Night until several years later. The end of the novel describes Wiesel's gradual but absolute loss of faith throughout the experience. His past experiences haunted him for several years, rendering him passive. It was not until he set aside his past that he could even focus on the future. Had he remained so consumed with the pain and damage caused in the past, he may never have achieved the success that he has attained.

Overall, Wiesel's experiences exemplify the importance of the past as a guide. Wiesel's past experiences helped to guide him in later life, but it was not until he pushed them aside that he could move on. To me this means that you should rely on your past without letting it control you. Allow your past to act as a guide, while making sure that you are also living in the present and looking to the future.